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How to resolve filename & config file migration issues?

Issue AFilename Characters
How to resolve utf8 characters renamed in a filename?

Solution 1Depending on the source web server configuration, non-English characters in filenames can occasionally be stored incorrectly within the .zip archive. The resolution to thisvaries depending on how the characters were changed.

If filename characters have been replaced with a hash sign, ‘U’ and number (e.g. file_ü.txt => file#U00fc.txt):

  1. Using FTP or your host’s File Manager copy wp-content/plugins/duplicator-pro/tools/file-renamer.php to the destination web site’s root directory.
  2. Browse to the tool (I.e.
  3. Use tool to rename the files.

Issue B.htaccess Setups
How to manage .htaccess files during the install and what are my options?

By default Duplicator resets the .htaccess file to a simple baseline setup. This is needed in the vast majority of cases because most .htaccess files can grow to be very complexand when migrated to a new environment/server the current directives can cause issues. With millions of directives and settings to account for its impossible for Duplicatorto determine if the directive will work in the new location.

Customized Settings
For advanced users there are still options for users to retain the original settings. In order to keep the original .htaccess file or prevent Duplicator from doing anything with the .htaccess files, see the available options below:

  1. Duplicator Lite Installer > Step 1 > Options > Advanced Tab > Config Files.
  2. Duplicator Pro Installer > Step 1 > Advanced > Options > Advanced Tab > Configuration Files

Please note: That the solutions above could have issues so you will need to manually open your.htaccess file and update all the settings to match your new server.

3rd Party Plugins
In the even you use a plugin that updates the .htaccess file you can easily get those settings back. In the vast majority of these situations you can simply deactivate and reactivatethe plugin in question. If you are not sure, just contact the plugin author.

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