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How to resolve Zip format related build issues?

Issue AHow to resolve ‘Zip warning: No such file or directory’ issues?

Option 1Check for plugin conflicts
This can be related to security or other backup plugins that are changing files while Duplicator is trying to back them up.

  1. Determine what plugin is actively writing or removing files on your site.
  2. Deactivate that plugin temporarily > Build the package > Reactivate plugin.

Option 2Filter Cache directory

If you can’t determine which plugin is causing the problem, add the cache directory to the file filter:

  1. Click Enable File Filters
  2. Click the cache link above the Directory box.

Issue BHow to resolve ZipArchive close failures?

Option 1Switch to the Duplicator Archive Format (daf)
The DupArchive format is a good alternative to ZipArchive on many hosts. DupArchive is a robust archive format developed by Duplicator specifically to work better on budget hosts or in restricted environments. To enable DupArchive, go to Settings > Packages > and set “Archive Engine” to “DupArchive”.Note: in Duplicator Lite DupArchive only supports packages upto 500MB.

Option 2Filter Files
If you prefer to stick with ZipArchive (.zip format), then filtering non-required files may be an option. On the scan phase of the build, check if files are showing up in the “Size Checks” list and determine if there are any files/directories that can be safely excluded. Typically this would be backups created by other backup programs or even nested WordPress sites.

Option 3Check Disk Space
ZipArchive close problems can also be caused by lack of space on your account. Log in to your host panel and observe how much space you have left.If the amount of space leftis less than 2x your site size, go through your account and look to eliminate unneeded files. If this is not an option,talk to your host about increasing your disk quota.Note: If you have Duplicator installed on the same site be sure that no other backup plugins are running at the same time this can lead to close failures.

Option 4Custom Options

  • Lite Only: Go to Settings > Package Tab and turn off “Archive Flush”. This setting forces a ZipArchive close response after so many files have been loaded. This processcan help with FCGI setups. If your package is not building with this setting it is recommended to turn it off.
  • Pro Only: Go to Settings > Packages Tab > Archive Engine > “Shell Exec” if available and then retry the build.

Option 5Two Part Install
Some hosts are configured in such a way as to limit resources available which can lead to ZipArchive close failures. One way around this is to do a “Two-Part” install.The process for doing is described here: How to do a Two-Part Install.

Also see: How do “Shell Zip”, “ZipArchive” and “DupArchive” engines differ?

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