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How to resolve package file download issues / 404.3 / corrupted files?

Issue APackage Downloads
How to resolve package files (archive or installer) that will not download or show errors?

Solution 1 URL Download: In some cases when using https (SSL) in WordPress [WordPress > Settings > General > WordPress/Site Address URLs].The browser may block requests to non SSL assets based on server mime types. To get around this issue goto:Duplicator > Packages > Package Details > General Section > Share Button and copy the archive URL into a new browser window for a file download prompt.

FTP Download: Download the package files via FTP or cpanel by going to your builds directory at the following paths:

  • Duplicator Pro: See path: /your_site/wordpress_root/wp-content/backups-dup-pro (or the new storage path you setup) on your web-server.
  • Duplicator Lite: The path will be in only one of the following:
    • Content Path: ‘/public_html/wp-content/backups-dup-lite/’
    • Legacy Path: ‘/public_html/wp-snapshots/’ folder (from your WP root)

Solution 2Contact Host Provider:If trying to download the archive or installer is persistent, then we recommend you check with your hosting provider to see if they have anyconstraints or rules setup that might prevent certain file types such as .zip, .daf or .php files from downloading.

Solution 3Disable .htaccess:On some systems the .htaccess file inside the storage directory can cause issues with downloads. To find out if this is the case on your system go to:

  • Duplicator Pro: Settings > Storage and check the box “Disable .htaccess File in Storage Directory” & save.
  • Duplicator Lite: Settings > General and check the box “Disable .htaccess File in Storage Directory” & save.

Then try to download the installer or archive file from the main menu or the package details screen.

Solution 4Adjust Mime-Type: If you have issues downloading the these file types .sql, .log, .zip, and .daf it is likely the web server does not have the correct mimetypes setup. Check with your server administrator on how to make sure the correct MIME types are configured for download.

A quick setting for Apache web servers is to create or edit the .htaccess file following these instructions. Add the following text to your .htaccess

AddType application/octet-stream .zip .log .sql .daf

This tells the web server to treat the extensions files as download-able. Other web servers will have similar configurations. Please check with yourserver administrator for your proper setup. If you can not download the installer.php file then you will need to follow the directionsbelow and get the file off of the server via FTP.

Solution 5Browser Settings: Check your browser settings to make sure that the save as dialog is designed to pop up for the the following mime types.php, .zip, .daf. For example in FireFox settingsUnder Options > General > Applications see under applications set zip files to “Always Ask”. Also consider switching browsers for any kind of download issue, even ifyou are only getting a partial download.

Solution 6WordPress URL Settings:On some servers trying to access https (port 443) when you are on http (port 80) or vice versa can cause issues. To fix this issue we recommend usingSSL on all parts of your site. To do this you will need to update the WordPress URLs. Before making this change please read through all the steps inorder to be aware of how to back-out of the change if needed. We recommend that you test these steps in a staging environment before trying on a production one.

  • Goto: WordPress Admin > Settings > WordPress Address (URL) & Site Address (URL)
  • Change the values from http to https. If the values are disabled you can update by changing your admin URL to
  • Try to download the installer or archive file from the main menu or the package details screen.
  • For a full overview on how to change these values back see this article

Issue BInstaller Downloads
How to resolve installer download issues?

Solution 1Backup Installer:In the event you can download the archive but not the installer, you can always obtain a copy of the installer from within the file.Inside of the archive file at the root is a backup copy of the installer named installer-backup.php or for a secure installer [hash]_installer-backup.php.If you need to extract an archive.daf file details can be found here.

Solution 2Rename Installer:Some hosting providers (very few) will not allow php files to be downloaded or created directly from their servers. In this case you can rename the installer file that is created during thebuild process. Goto: Duplicator Pro > Settings > Packages Tab > Advanced Settings Tab > Local Installer Name and rename it to something like installer.txt. When the installer file is created it will create it as “installer.txt”. This will allow you to download the file, but it will need to then be changed to installer.php.

Issue CCorrupt Installer
After downloading the installer the file it looks corrupted or is not working.

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