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How to resolve File IO related build issues?

ProblemIf the build fails with file/folder count mismatch or the result size is a negative size value (i.e. SIZE: -1724710633B) then its possible you are running a PHP 32 version. These types of errors indicate that the server is running 32-bit PHP and the site is over 2.1GB. Unfortunately, 32-bit PHP can only process/create archive files less than 2.1GB.

Common Error Messages

– Hash mismatch on DupArchive file entry
– Number of files expected (xxxxx) doesn’t equal number written
– Number of directories expected (xxxxx) doesn’t equal number written

To validate if your system is running 32-bit PHP goto Duplicator Pro > Tools > Server Settings > PHP and see what value is in the “Architecture” setting. If you are running 32-bit PHP and the site is large greater than 2.1GB then you have a couple options:

Option 1Ask your host to upgrade PHP to a 64 bit PHP version. Almost all hosts support 64 bit PHP these days.

Option 2Filter out unneeded files/folders using the filters on Packages > Step – 1 Setup to get the size below 2.1GB.

Option 3Perform a 2-step migration which minimizes the package size. This technique is described here.

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