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How to resolve build issues on my host/server platform?

Build Issues

ProblemThe build process continues to fail or is having issues completing.

Option 1Check Percentage: If build process is stuck and a certain percentage 5%, 20%, 40% this indicates that it is hung up at a certain phase. Please see the FAQ items below this one that addresses each of the percentages.

Option 2Check Disk Usage: Check your disk usage and make sure you have enough space on your host/server to build a package. Typically you will need double the size of your archive file. So if on the build scan phase your archive size is around 200MB, then except for your server to have at least 400MB available. Most hosting platforms allow you to quickly check your available disk usage. Contact your host for exact instructions on how to check your available disk quota.

Option 3Try DupArchive: The I/O and CPU constraints set up by the host may be causing the server to kill the zip process using the core PHP library functions. If this is the case try the DupArchive (.daf) engine format for packages. It has been specifically designed for large packages and/or tight budget host constraints. To use DupArchive:

  1. Update to the latest version of the plugin
  2. Go to Settings > General and click the “Reset All” (Duplicator Pro) and “Reset Packages” (Duplicator Lite) buttons.
  3. Go to Settings > Packages > Archive Engine > select “DupArchive” for the Engine and Save.
  4. Build the package

Option 4Try Filters: If you continue to still have build issues with Option 2 above we recommend that you also perform the following:

  1. Create new package > Expand ‘Archive’ > Enable File Filters > click the ‘[wp-content]’ link by ‘Directories’
  2. Build the package > Install at the new location
  3. FTP the files from the source server’s wp-content to the destination server’s wp-content directory.

Option 5Try Two-Part-Install: If none of the options above work, we recommend doing a two-part install process. While this process takes a little bit longer it does stream-line the build process and solves 99% of most build issues.

General Troubleshooting

In order to find the root cause of the build issue open the log file associated with the package you tried to create and look for some key items.

  1. Goto: WordPress Admin > Duplicator/Pro > Tools > General > Package Logs
  2. Look for for warnings or errors or items that indicate a problem occurred.
  3. Look for the text ‘DONE PROCESSING’ at the very end of the log file this indicates the package processed fully otherwise it failed somewhere along the way.
Turn off all cache plugins: Many of the popular cache plugins have been known to create issues when you go to create a package and re-install your system.It is highly recommended that you turn off all caching plugins while creating your package and add the cache directory to the directory filter list.
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