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How to work with URL IP addresses for staging/development site?

ProblemYou have a situation where you need to use an IP Address as the main URL for your site, how to properly handle this?

Option 1Duplicator recommends that user use a “hosts file” technique instead of using theIP address directly. This will allow you to use the domain name before the DNS record change so no special replacement after the fact is necessary. This techniqueis described in steps 6-8 of the article “How to move a WordPress site”.

During the install process, users are given the option to enter in the URL of the web site to be installed. This option can technically use an IP address, howeverin the event the site needs to eventually become a valid URL address, then the installer would need to be re-ran on the site to update the IP address to a valid URL.If you know ahead of time what the address will eventually be, then we recommend using it during the first install with a valid hosts file entry on your local computer.
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