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Within the Support tab, you’ll find two distinct areas:

  1. Knowledge Base: This section provides convenient access to the FAQ system or knowledge base, offering helpful resources and information.
  2. Submit Help Ticket: This area grants you access to the help ticket system, and you can also reach it through this link. Here, you can seek further assistance and support as needed.

Please note that there are different levels of support.

  • Lite: This allows anyone to get help with the free product. Response times can vary widely as all lite requests are handled after the pro users havebeen addressed. Response times can vary from 1-5 business days.
  • Pro Personal: This support level is for all pro personal users. All tickets will be handled before Lite users, but after Pro Freelancer+ users.Response times for most requests will be within 2 days or less depending on the complexing of the response.
  • Pro Freelancer/Business/Gold: This level includes all Freelancer/Business/Gold users. All tickets will be handled beforeLite and Pro Personal users. Response times for most requests will be within 24 hours.
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