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Create Template

  1. Start: Go to Duplicator Pro > Tools > Templates and click on the Add New button
  2. Copy From: This is an optional step that will allow you to copy from an existing template
  3. Files: Apply any file filters to exclude specific files/directories/extensions
  4. Database: Apply any table filters that should not be included as part of the package
  5. Installer: Apply the installer setup values you would like to be applied to the package
  6. Save: Save the template by clicking the Save Template button.

Apply Template

  1. Start: Go to Duplicator Pro > Packages and click on the Create New button
  2. Template: The template you made in the step Create Template section above should be visible in the dropdown
  3. After selecting your template all of the values in the Archive and Installer section should reflect the values saved in the template
  4. To undo the applied template just select the [Unassigned] value and the package settings will default to its last created settings

Also see: Packages » New – Step 1: Setup
Also see: Schedules » Add/Edit

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