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Full Multisite Migration or Backup


Duplicator Lite does not support any type of migrations with Multisite setups. Migrating a full multisite is supported in all version of Duplicator Pro. Below aresome of the differences to be noted with Multisite setups. For more details seeHow does Duplicator handle Multisite support?

  • Plugin Settings
    • Duplicator Pro plugin menu appears on the Network Admin menu in Multisite vs the normal admin menu.
    • Package creation process for “Duplicator Pro – Business” includes extra filters for subsites.
  • Installer Settings
    • The install process for Multisite contains additional mappings for subsites in all Pro versions.
    • Advanced features for subsites or subsite to standalone is only supported in “Duplicator Pro – Business”
Separate Domains

In some Multisite setups a subsite will have its own separate domain name. For example if the original main site is the subsites may but not and

Subsites of the same domain will be rewritten to the new domain name by default but when they are in a different domain namesthen you have to perform a special procedure. The way to handle this is to do the following:

  1. Installer Step 1 – Switch the to Advanced mode (upper right-hand corner)
  2. Installer Step 3 – Choose ‘Mapping’ for ‘Replace Mode’
  3. Installer Step 3 – Set the new URLs appropriately for each subsite
  4. Finish the install process
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