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Standalone > Multisite-Subsite

Converting a standalone website into a multisite subsite is a complex procedure, involving modifications in both website files and the database. Looking for a streamlined way to migrate a standalone website to a multisite subsite? Duplicator Pro simplifies this process, handling the required tasks and enabling effortless migration.

  • The backup must be built with Duplicator Pro 4.0.3+ and the destination site must be running Duplicator Pro 4.0.3+.
  • Migrating a multisite subsite to a standalone website requires a Duplicator Pro – Pro or Duplicator Pro – Elite license.

Below are the steps to import a single, standalone site into a Multisite network

1. Create a Backup

  1. On the source site go to Duplicator Pro > Packages > Create New: build a package (archive/installer)
  2. Copy package files (archive/installer) to the new host destination directory where the site will be installed

Please refer to this guide for more information on how to create a backup.

2. Install the Backup

  1. You can use the Import Install or Classic Install methods to install the multisite backup
  2. On the destination Multisite go to Duplicator Pro > Import: Add the file from the standalone site
    1. After the archive file is uploaded, click the Launch Installer button
    2. On Step 2 of the import add or copy the recover point (optional) and click the Continue button
      Note: Recovery points are optional but are recommended in the event the installation runs into issues.
  3. On Import-Installer Step 1
    1. Choose Import single site into multisite network radio button
    2. Choose the source site, and fill in a new URL to the new multisite
    3. Click the Validate button and check the results then click the Next button and let the installer run.
  4. When the installer is complete Step 2 with show with the status of the installation.
    If a recovery point was set then both an “Admin Login” and “Run Recovery” button will show.
  5. Click the Admin Login to the newly created site and validate the install process.

Once the process is complete, you’ll have a new subsite installed or replaced in your Multisite.


Duplicator Pro’s multisite backup and migration capability stands as a robust feature. With Duplicator Pro – Pro and Duplicator Pro – Elite licenses, you can seamlessly migrate a subsite from your multisite setup to an independent website, and vice versa. Delve into these guides for comprehensive insights into these migration scenarios:
Full Multisite Migration or Backup
Multisite-Subsite > Standalone
Multisite-Subsite > Multisite-Subsite – Different Network

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