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Multisite-Subsite > Standalone

REQUIREMENTS: Package must be built with Duplicator Pro 4.0.3+ and destination site must be running Duplicator Pro 4.0.3+.
This feature requires your plugin is running an active Business or Gold license; see Settings > Licensing.


To install a subsite as a standalone site:

  1. On the source Multisite site goto: Duplicator Pro > Packages > Create New: build a package (archive/installer)
  2. Copy package files (archive/installer) to the new host destination directory where the site will be installed
  3. Browse to the installer.php in a web browser such as
  4. On installer Step 1 > Overview – Installation Tab > Install Type: choose “Convert subsite to standalone”
  5. A dropdown containing all the subsites in the package will show. Choose one and continue with the install
  6. The subsite chosen in Step 1 will be installed as a new standalone site

After everything is done you will have a new standalone site based on the subsite. Note that all plugins will have been disabled so you willhave to reactivate those.

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