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How do I share system access for (classic) installation issues?

For problems with “Installing” a package follow these instructions:
1. “Copy to Clipboard” the data in the green box below
2. Paste copied data from clipboard into the help ticket and update values in white

=========== SENSITIVE INFORMATION START ===========

This is where package was created. This section is OPTIONAL.
url: https://my_url/wp-admin
user: [temporary_wpadmin_account]
pass: [temporary_wpadmin_password]


url: https://my_url/path_to_installer.php
path: [/public_html/path_to_my_site/installer.php]

FTP SERVER -or- Your Hosting Control Panel:
(Where installer.php is located)
url: []
user: [temporary_ftp_or_cpanel_user]
pass: [temporary_ftp_or_cpanel_password]

(values used in installer.php setup)
host: [localhost_or_hosts_requirements]
database: [database_name]
user: [database_user]
pass: [database_password]
validate: Yes I followed the <Install Preparations> below

=========== SENSITIVE INFORMATION END ===========


VERY IMPORTANT! Please read all instructions to diagnose your issue quickly.Copy and paste the text from the box above into your help ticket using the exact format.

Accounts: Create a temporary account or change the password while we diagnose your system. Do not send current password! Please test ALL usernames and passwords tohelp avoid having to resending the data.

Recommended: To skip WordPress user setup, install the pluginTemporary Login Without Password and replace the text above”WORDPRESS ADMIN (NETWORK ADMIN FOR MULTISITE)” with the URL generated by the plugin. Be sure the Role of the temporary login is “Administrator”.

<Install Preparations>
Please make sure these items are completed before sending your information

  1. The installer.php and file are in a web directory that can be browsed to via “http”;If you have other files in the directory then the extraction process WILL overwrite those files/folders.
  2. Be sure you can connect to the database, via the ‘Test Connection’ button, with the credentials you sent.
  3. I have tested all usernames/password and can login via FTP/Control Panel with the credentials above.


Caution: The database settings provided will be use to populate the database. If this database already contains important informationthen it WILL be overwritten with the new package data. Double check the credentials you send us as we will not be responsible for lost data.We strongly recommend you have a backup of all databases and important files ahead of time.
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