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How to fix installer security protection issues?

Issue ALost Password
When loading the installer there is a password or archive file input that you don’t know or have lost.

The following rules apply to the password types found here:
Pro > Packages > Step 1 > Archive > Setup Tab > Security Mode: Installer Password & Archive Encryption
Lite > Packages > Step 1 > Installer > Security (Installer password)

Solution 1Installer password
Go back to the server where the package was created and goto Duplicator > Packages > Details > Installer Section and toggle the password to seethe password that was assigned to the package. For the archive file name see the General section.

Solution 2Archive Encryption
Passwords are case-sensitive and if lost cannot be recovered. Please keep passwords in a safe place!If this password is lost then a new archive file will need to be created.

Issue BSecurity Check
The installer has built in security that helps to prevent user from accessing the installer after it has been initialized. In rare cases usersmay get a securitynotice even though they initialized the installer. In these cases try the following options below.

Common Error Messages

An invalid request was made.
Message: Invalid token validation

Solution 1Installer Location: The installer.php has to be in the same location as the file. So if you place the archive file at the following location/public_html/my-wp-site/ the the installer will also need to be located at the same location /public_html/my-wp-site/installer.php.

Solution 2Browser Restarts: These quick solutions can resolve most issues with this notice:

  • Close your browser and browse to the installer.php again.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies restart the browser and try to browse to the installer again.
  • Try a different browser
  • An attempt was made to access the main-installer.php file directly without using the installer.php file. Be sure to always start the install wizard by firstgoing to the installer.php file in your browser.
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