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How to resolve dependency checks?

Issue ARequirements Checks
How to resolve requirement checks that show up on step 1 of the build process?

Before you create a new package a requirements check will show you the status of your system.The following are system checks that are performed before package creation can take place.

PHP Support
  • Duplicator requires PHP 5.3.8+ or higher. Contact your host to upgrade to a stable secure version of a PHP Release
  • To create a zip file the plugin requires ZipArchive extension -OR-shell_exec for PHP with zip support enabled. Contact your hostto enable. Alternatively you can also use the DupArchive format found on the Duplicator > Settings > Packages Tab > Archive Engine.
  • Paths that are listed in this section should have permissions of 755 for directories and 644 for files. On some hosts the permission set requires 777.Setting items to 777 is a security issue and should only be set temporarily. Please avoid any hosting company that requires this kind of setup.
  • Also be sure to check the Owner/Group settings and validate they are correct and match other successful directories/files that are accessible.For more details contact your host or visit their help pages for more information on how they implement permissions and group settings.
Server Support
  • WEB SERVER:The Duplicator currently works with these web servers: Apache, LiteSpeed, Nginx, Lighttpd, IIS, WebServerX. However the best success we have seen with Apache
  • DATABASE SERVER:In order to complete an install the mysqli extension for PHP is required. If you are on a hosted server please contact your host and requestthat mysqli extension be enabled. For more information visit:
Installation Files

If this check fails then a reserved file was found in the WordPress root directory. See the following FAQ to resolve this issue:Which files need to be removed after an install?

Issue BDependencies
How to resolve dependencies for certain features in Duplicator?

Duplicator requires certain PHP and server level dependencies in order to work.

MySQLDumpIn order to generate the database SQL script with MySQLDump, PHP functions such as shell_exec are required. Below is a list of ways to enable disabled functions on your host.

  • Contact your host and ask them to enable the PHP function in question.
  • Some hosts have an interface that will allow you to disable/enable features through a control panelsuch as this.
  • Open your php.ini file and look for disable_functions and remove the function you want enabled.
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