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How to fix installer validation checks?


On step 1 of the installer a set of validation routines are ran to help discover any possible issues that might arise. Validation is broken down into the following sections:General, File System, PHP config and Database. The following statues will show based on the state of the issue, with the various color codes.

Status Details
Pass The check passed and there are no issues detected
Notice An issue has been detected however the risk is very low. Continue with the install process and if you run into issues then consider getting the notice fixed.
Warn An issue has been detected and the risk of install issues is high. You may continue with the install, however it is recommended that you address the issue if possible.
Fail A critical issue has been detected and the install will be halted, until the issue is resolved


All checks in this section are detailed in the installer, no additional information is currently needed from the FAQ.

File System

This section covers all checks related to the file system.

Issue APermissions: General > Imunify360
During the archive extraction process you receive one of the following warning, typically related Imunify360. If you continue with the install process you maysee one of the items listed below in the logs.

Common Error Messages

FILE CORE EXTRACTION ERROR: wp-includes/class-oembed.php (or similar file path)
Failed to write to wp-includes/theme-compat/footer-embed.php. Error: Error opening (or similar file path)
MSG:touch(): Unable to create file /some_path/ No such file or directory
Invalid glob header marker OR Invalid header marker

Option 1This issue may happen if a product called “Imunify360” is installed on your hosting provider.Imunify360 has a feature called “Proactive Defense” which is set to “Kill” by default – it incorrectly views an installer file as malicious so Imunify endsup trashing package installations.

To get around this issue:

  1. Go to cPanel/Host Panel
  2. Click on the Imunify360 app
  3. Select Proactive Defense
  4. Switch Mode Settings to Disabled or Log Only.

After this you should be able to install without an issue. If you want Proactive Defense on your website after the install, you can re-enable afterinstallation is complete. For additional instructions on how to control this service see this articleDisable Imunify360 cPanel.

Note: In the event you don’t see an option for Imunify on your host panel please contact your host support and ask them to at least temporarilydisable the Proactive Defense part of Imunify360.

PHP Config & Database

All checks in this section are detailed in the installer, no additional information is currently needed from the FAQ.

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