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Issue AZipArchive Issues
A requirement message for ZipArchive is showing in the installer or plugin admin.

Solution 1If upgrading PHP versions on GoDaddy gives you issues with ZipArchive then check a box toenable ZipArchive support.If you don’t see that please talk to GoDaddy support and ask them to enable the ZipArchive PHP module.

Duplicator Pro

Package Build Issues:

GoDaddy may be the most resource-constrained of all the major web hosts. Because of this, if your site is over 150MB you may have to switch from the zip format to the DupArchive format which was developed to work on restricted hosts.

To build a package using DupArchive:

  1. Go to Duplicator > Settings > Packages
  2. Set Archive Engine to DupArchive.
  3. Set the “Max Build Time to 270 if your site is over 1GB.
  4. Attempt to build.
  5. If still encounter an error set the following values in Settings > Packages and rebuild:
    • Server Throttle: Medium
    • Client-side Kickoff: Enabled
  6. If you still have problems:
    • Increase your GoDaddy plan’s resource level to level 3. By default, All GoDaddy shared plans start at level 1 or 2, even Ultimate. Resource levels are described on GoDaddy’s resource page.

Installer Timeout Issues:

When installing to GoDaddy you may experience a timeout. To avoid a timeout perform a manual extraction install as described in the answer to FAQ question How do I do a Manual Extraction?

Duplicator Lite

What can I try for Timeout Issues?

Issue BPHP Execution limits
Managed WordPress plans do not allow direct PHP code execution outside of WordPress.

Solution 1GoDaddy has implemented a new block recently for managed hosting where it isnot possible to run an arbitrary php file inside wp-content and in the main path. The only possible solution is to run the installer in a subfolder.In the meantime, to work around the problem, you should do the following:

  1. Creates a temp folder in the root path or location where you want to install for example dup_temp
  2. Upload the installer and archive files into the dup_temp folder and browse to the installer http://mydomain/dup_temp/installer.php.
    Note: This starts a classic installation so the pre-set values will not enabled like they are for an import install.By default the installer considers the current folder as root path but this can be changed in the advanced installation
  3. On step 1 choose “Advanced Mode” and remove dup_temp path from the ‘New Site URL’ & ‘New Path’ inputs
  4. Click validate without filling in the other fields<Now the validation fails because you didn’t enter the database connection data but the GoDaddy wp-config is detected so you are prompted withthe correct db connection data that you need to apply.
  5. Next set all the ‘Configuration Files’ to ‘Do nothing’
    Now you can continue with the installation and it should work. We are working to streamline this process.
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