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How do I share my package file?

When support needs to validate a package file please choose only one of these options:

  • Share Button: Goto Packages > Details > “Share” Button > “Select & Copy”.then paste links into your ticket. Note: Personal computers (localhost) or sites that are not internet accessible will not work.
  • Wetransfer: This free service allows secure file sharing from any browser.
    1. Browse to
    2. Drop your file to the screen
    3. Click “Get a Link” button & wait for upload
    4. Click the “Copy Link” button and paste it into your help ticket
  • Other Cloud Service: Use Dropbox, Google Drive or other services by following these steps:
    1. Upload the to a shareable location on your cloud service.
    2. Copy the shared link provided by your service into the ticket
    3. After we have responded to ticket please remove your files

In order to avoid any delay with your ticket please be sure you are also able to download from the link provided when using the “Cloud Service” option.

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