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Question AHow to get troubleshooting tips for various storage issues?

Question BHow to limit the number of packages kept (e.g the last 20 builds)?

AnswerEach storage location has a setting titled ‘Max Packages’. When this limit is exceeded, the oldest package will be deleted. If set to 0 then no packages areremoved. To enable goto Duplicator Pro > Storage > Edit Storage Item > Set Max Packages.

Because the max packages is tied to each storage endpoint the main packages screen will still contain an entry or audit trail of the transaction. For exampleff the package the ‘Default storage type’ is set to say 3 ‘Max Packages’ then only the 3 top most packages in the package screen will have a Download buttonthat works because the local default packages have been removed.

Question CHow to prevent manual builds from getting counted in scheduled max builds?

AnswerThe best way to separate manual build packages from scheduled build packages is to assign different storage locations. Since the storage location is the component that definesthe “Max packages” setting. Also, when creating different storage types make sure they point to a slightly different path. If they are pointing to the same directory then theywill interfere with one another. For instance you could set things up like:

  • /my_backup_path/manual
  • /my_backup_path/scheduled


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