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How do I read the package build log?

The package build log shows every step of the package creation process. Follow these steps to see a package log file:

Options 1: Existing Package

  1. Duplicator Lite:From “Packages All” screen click the “Details Button”
    Duplicator Pro: From “Packages All” screen click “Expander Button” then click “View Details” button.
  2. From the Package Details screen in the General section under Files area click the “Build Log” link
    1. Copy all of the contents of this log and save it to a .txt file
    2. ATTACH the package build log file to your ticket
  3. If your log file is accessible via the internet you can use the [ Share File Links] button and copy just the URL.

Options 2: No Packages

  1. Duplicator Lite:From Tools > General Tab > Logs
    Duplicator Pro: From Tools > General Tab > Duplicator Logs
  2. Copy the text area data to a build-log.txt file and ATTACH to your ticket

Help Tickets: Please DO NOT post any log data on public support forums such as unless you remove/mask out all meta-data that is secure as it contains sensitive data. If you are not sure of what data to mask out then do not post it; just use the privatesecure help ticket system.
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