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Best WordPress multisite plugins

From Backups to Analytics: Best WordPress Multisite Plugins for Every Need 

Written By: author image Joella Dunn
author image Joella Dunn
Joella is a writer with years of experience in WordPress. At Duplicator, she specializes in site maintenance — from basic backups to large-scale migrations. Her ultimate goal is to make sure your WordPress website is safe and ready for growth.
     Reviewed By: John Turner
reviewer image John Turner
John Turner is the President of Duplicator. He has over 20+ years of business and development experience and his plugins have been downloaded over 25 million times.

One WordPress website can be simple to manage, but you’ll need help running a whole network.

WordPress multisite plugins can streamline tasks like backups or user management. They’ll take care of ongoing maintenance work so you have time to grow your network.

I’m sure you have favorite WordPress plugins, but not all of them work with multisite setups. Finding great tools for your multisite network can be challenging.

In this post, I took a look at some of the best WordPress multisite plugins, so you don’t have to! These will help you with everything from analytics to form creation.

Quick Summary of the Best WordPress Multisite Plugins

🥇 Duplicator
Duplicator is the best WordPress multisite plugin. You can use it to schedule automatic backups of your entire network. Duplicator can also help you migrate sub-sites in and out of your multisite.
🥈 MonsterInsights
MonsterInsights gives you real-time analytics for your multisite network. It connects your sub-sites to Google Analytics, providing detailed reports on each sub-site dashboard.
🥉 WPForms
Another popular WordPress multisite plugin is WPForms. This is a form builder that can help you create custom online forms for your network.

What Is a WordPress Multisite Network?

A WordPress multisite network is a feature that allows you to create and manage multiple WordPress websites from a single installation. You’ll be able to share plugins, themes, and user databases across all the sites in the network, making it convenient to administrate multiple websites.

Here are some of the main reasons we’d recommend creating a multisite network:

  • Centralized updates, plugin installs, and other management tasks
  • Save money by only hosting a single WordPress installation
  • Opportunities to scale the network by adding new sites
  • Efficient user management

WordPress is extremely flexible because of its many available plugins. However, not all WordPress plugins are compatible with the multisite setup. If you’re looking to start a network of sites, you’ll need to find the right tools to support you. 

12 Best WordPress Multisite Plugins

With the right plugins, you’ll optimize your network for peak performance. Let’s dive into the best plugins for WordPress multisite!

Multisite PluginPricingBest For
Duplicator$199.50/yrMultisite backups and migrations
MonsterInsights$399.50/yrMultisite analytics
WPForms$299.50/yrCreating online forms for your multisite
SeedProd$39.50/yrDesigning each sub-site
OptinMonster$9/moGenerating leads with opt-in forms
WP Mail SMTP$49/yrImproving email deliverability
AIOSEO$299.60/yrImproving SEO
WP Rocket$59/yrBoosting page speed
User SwitchingFreeSwitching to another user account
Multisite Language SwitcherFreeAdding multilingual support
WordPress Multisite Content Copier/UpdaterFreeCopying content to multiple sub-sites
InfiniteWP$147/yrBulk updates, backups, and security

1. Duplicator

Duplicator plugin

Duplicator Pro is a powerful plugin that can clone, migrate, and back up your network. Whether you’re a developer building client sites or a website owner managing multiple sites, Duplicator Pro streamlines these tasks with ease.

When you’re managing multiple WordPress installations, you’ll have to separately perform updates, backups, and other maintenance. With Duplicator, you can back up your entire network at once. 

Simply create a package and open the archive file’s Multisite settings. Then, choose which sub-sites you want to back up. By default, Duplicator will back up the whole network, but you can exclude certain sites if needed.

Multisite custom archive file

Plus, Duplicator makes it easy to migrate websites into the network. On the standalone website, you can build a complete backup of all its WordPress files, database tables, plugins, themes, and media files.

Duplicator custom package components

To upload the single site as a network sub-site, use the drag-and-drop import tool. The Duplicator plugin lets you import your old site’s archive file and immediately start the migration process (without any complicated coding).

Import website archive

Here are some extra features included in Duplicator Pro:

  • Scheduled automatic backups
  • Cloud storage to providers like DropboxGoogle DriveMicrosoft OneDrive, and more
  • Large site support
  • Custom package components to only back up or migrate important site data
  • One-click restores
  • Remote restores from cloud storage
  • Disaster recovery points to roll back your network after errors
  • Empty site support
  • Create pre-configured sites to jumpstart your workflow
  • Email alerts for backup issues or timeouts
  • Cloud storage backup limits
  • WordPress migration wizard


There is a free version of Duplicator, but this supports single sites. To unlock multisite functionality, you can get Duplicator Pro for $199.50 per year.

Why we chose Duplicator

Duplicator has great network backup and migration features. It allows you to customize backups and move sites in and out of your network. Plus, it can schedule backups to cloud storage, making it a well-rounded choice for multisite management.

Not sure if Duplicator can benefit your multisite network? Read how CodeVidia, a digital agency, uses Duplicator to back up and migrate their clients’ websites!

2. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights plugin

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin that allows you to make data-driven decisions about your multisite network. As a network administrator, MonsterInsights simplifies the process of tracking and analyzing website metrics, ensuring each sub-site performs at its best.

Once you activate MonsterInsights in your network, you can view reports for individual sub-sites. This shows you real-time stats, popular products, site speed, and more. With this information, you’ll easily be able to increase organic traffic, track user engagement, and even grow your email list.

MonsterInsights report

Key features of MonsterInsights

  • Google Analytics tracking
  • SEO score tracking for All in One SEO or Yoast SEO
  • Real-time stats
  • eCommerce reports with revenue, average order value (AOV), conversion rate, and more
  • Popular posts and products
  • Site speed report
  • Headline analyzer
  • Access control to limit reports to certain network user roles


MonsterInsights includes multisite support in its Agency plan, which is $399.50 per year.

Why we chose MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights provides valuable insights for data-driven decisions. With features like real-time stats, SEO score tracking, and eCommerce reports, it lets network admins optimize each sub-site effortlessly.

Want to see more features? Read my review of MonsterInsights!

3. WPForms

WPForms plugin

WPForms is the best contact form plugin for WordPress multisite networks. This tool empowers you to build professional and user-friendly forms without any coding knowledge.

From simple contact forms to complex surveys, WPForms streamlines the process of creating and managing forms across multiple sites within your network.

WPForms order form

WPForms offers a wide range of pre-built form templates that are optimized for lead generation, user registration, product orders, and more. These templates are readily available to use in each subsite in your network, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

WPForms templates

Key features

  • Beginner-friendly drag-and-drop form builder
  • Multi-page forms for maximizing user experience
  • Entry management to keep track of new leads
  • Smart captcha and spam protection
  • Addons to integrate with payment and email marketing services


The Elite plan will give you multisite features, and it costs $299.50 yearly.

Why we chose WPForms

WPForms is a beginner-friendly and versatile form builder that makes it easy to create professional forms across multiple sites in your network. The pre-built templates ensure consistency and efficiency, making WPForms an essential tool for managing online forms.

I keep track of my site’s form entries nearly every day. So, I know how important it is to find the right contact form plugin. To see its features in action, feel free to read my review of WPForms!

4. SeedProd

SeedProd plugin

Since all sub-sites in a network share common WordPress themes and plugins, you can reuse design elements and keep your branding consistent. However, without the right design tools, you might struggle to improve user experience (UX) and reduce bounce rates.

SeedProd is the best WordPress page builder for designing everything from landing pages to custom themes. It comes with drag-and-drop functionality and pre-designed templates so even beginners can customize their web design without knowing how to code.

SeedProd page editor

With SeedProd, you can design visually appealing pages for each sub-site within your Multisite network. Whether you’re promoting a new product, setting up maintenance mode, or creating a customer login area, SeedProd can get the job done.

Plus, SeedProd has specific multisite features. You’ll be able to use the same theme design for different sub-sites by exporting your custom SeedProd theme and importing it into another site.

Export SeedProd theme

Key features

  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • Theme builder
  • 100+ full website templates
  • 180+ landing page templates
  • 90+ Pro blocks
  • Layout navigation to rearrange elements on a page
  • Copy and paste sections across different sites


There is a basic free version of SeedProd. The premium version starts at $39.50 per year.

Why we chose SeedProd

SeedProd is the best plugin for creating visually appealing themes. You can build beautiful page templates and use them to speed up the design process of each sub-site.

There are so many theme builders, it can be hard to pick just one. Are you not sure if you want to design your website with SeedProd? Check out my in-depth review.

5. OptinMonster

OptinMonster plugin

OptinMonster is the best WordPress multisite plugin for lead generation and conversion optimization. Using this powerful plugin, you can create visually appealing and highly effective opt-in forms.

With OptinMonster, you’ll get a diverse range of campaign templates designed to maximize engagement and conversions. These templates cover various goals, such as growing your email list, promoting special offers, and reducing cart abandonment.

OptinMonster campaigns

By deploying these templates across your Multisite network, you ensure consistent branding and messaging.

Key features

  • Drag-and-drop opt-in form builder
  • Mobile-friendly pop-ups
  • Pre-designed templates
  • 26+ animations and sound effects
  • Variety of campaign types like countdown timers, floating bars, and coupon wheels
  • Campaign triggers to target the right person at the right time


OptinMonster is a premium plugin that starts at $9 monthly.

Why we chose OptinMonster

OptinMonster excels in lead generation and conversion optimization. You can use this plugin to boost engagement, grow your email list, reduce cart abandonment, and much more.

Is it really the best lead generation tool for WordPress? Read our full review of OptinMonster to find out!

6. WP Mail SMTP


WP Mail SMTP is a WordPress SMTP plugin that ensures reliable email deliverability for your network. After network activation, WP Mail SMTP will solve email delivery issues and ensure that your emails reach recipients’ inboxes effectively.

As a network admin, you’ll be able to view email logs and reports for your entire network. WP Mail SMTP will show you the opens, click-throughs, and failed emails for any of your subsites:

Multisite email support

Key features

  • Email logs for WordPress multisite subsites
  • Open and click-through rates
  • Smart email routing
  • Reports on email tracking and deliverability
  • Set a backup email provider
  • Integrates with SendLayer, Brevo (formerly Sendinblue), Amazon SES, and more


WP Mail SMTP is available for free. Its Pro version starts as little as $49 yearly.

Why we chose WP Mail SMTP

WP Mail SMTP addresses email delivery issues. You can view detailed reports on your sub-sites’ sent emails. This guarantees you’re reaching your audience’s inboxes.

7. All in One SEO

AIOSEO plugin

If you want to increase your search engine ranking, it’s a good idea to improve SEO for your network. To do this, you can install All in One SEO, which is the best WordPress SEO plugin.

AIOSEO provides advanced on-page optimization tools, including meta tags, titles, and descriptions. You can easily customize these elements for each site within your Multisite network, ensuring that your content is optimized for relevant keywords.

AIOSEO page analysis

Once you set up SEO settings on one site, you can export them to another subsite. AIOSEO has import and export tools that help you reduce the time spent optimizing your network’s SEO:

AIOSEO import and export tools

Key features

  • Activate/deactivate AIOSEO for each subsite domain
  • Import/export SEO settings
  • Robots.txt editor
  • SEO audit checklist
  • TruSEO on-page analysis
  • Redirection manager
  • WooCommerce SEO
  • XML sitemaps


To get multisite support, you’ll need to upgrade to AIOSEO Elite for $299.60 per year.

Why we chose AIOSEO

AIOSEO is the best plugin to boost your multisite’s search engine rankings. With AIOSEO, your entire network will be finely tuned for search engines.

8. WP Rocket

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a top-notch WordPress caching plugin designed to boost the performance and speed of your multisite network. With its powerful caching and optimization features, WP Rocket ensures a faster and smoother user experience for your website visitors.

By enabling browser caching, WP Rocket instructs visitors’ browsers to store certain static elements of your site, such as images, CSS, and JavaScript files. This significantly improves page loading times for your Multisite network.

Key features

  • Page and browser caching
  • GZIP compression
  • Cache preloading
  • eCommerce optimization
  • Minification and optimization of CSS and JS
  • Image lazy loading


Since WP Rocket is a premium plugin, its pricing starts at $59 per year. This supports only a single website.

Why we chose WP Rocket

WP Rocket is designed to use caching to elevate your network’s performance and speed. This ensures a seamless user experience for all your visitors.

9. User Switching

User Switching plugin

User Switching is a highly useful plugin that simplifies the process of switching between user accounts within your Multisite network. With its intuitive interface and powerful functionality, User Switching makes it easy to test sub-sites and manage user permissions across your network.

Plus, User Switching prioritizes security by ensuring that only administrators can switch between different WordPress users. This protects the integrity of the network and prevents unauthorized access to user accounts.

Key features

  • Seamless multisite user switching
  • Only allows super admins to switch to a new user account
  • Protects user passwords
  • Uses cookie authentication system
  • Compatible with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and bbPress


User Switching is free.

Why we chose User Switching

User Switching can be helpful if you have many different user roles on your network. You can effortlessly switch to a different user account and see exactly how much access they’re given.

Bonus Plugin: If you want to customize your multisite user roles, consider User Role Editor. This plugin enables you to create and modify user roles according to your Multisite network’s needs.

10. Multisite Language Switcher

Multisite Language Switcher

If you want to reach audiences across the world, it can be helpful to have a multilingual multisite network. Using the Multisite Language Switcher plugin, you’ll easily add multilingual capabilities to your sub-sites.

Multisite Language Switcher allows you to specify a language for your blog content, as well as the admin dashboard. Then, you can display language widgets on your sub-sites so that visitors can consume content in their preferred language. This ensures a more user-friendly experience. 

Key features

  • Translates posts, pages, categories, tags, custom post types, and custom taxonomies
  • Language widgets
  • 20+ language translations



Why we chose Multisite Language Switcher

Multisite Language Switcher is a useful tool for networks with a global audience. Once you make your multisite multilingual, you’ll provide a better experience for international visitors.

11. WordPress Multisite Content Copier/Updater

WordPress Multisite Content Copier/Updater

WordPress Multisite Content Copier/Updater is a plugin that does exactly what you’d expect: copies and updates content across your multisite network. It enables you to copy posts, pages, custom post types, and other content from one site to another. This saves you time and effort when setting up similar content on multiple sites.

Key features

  • Copy/update posts and pages
  • Copy/update categories and tags
  • Automatically copy/update parent posts, pages, tags, and categories
  • Copy/update media files 
  • Bulk copy/update posts and pages



Why we chose WordPress Multisite Content Copier/Updater

This plugin allows you to instantly copy content from one sub-site and move it to another. You can avoid the need to manually update each site by hand.

12. InfiniteWP

InfiniteWP website

InfiniteWP is a tool that provides centralized management and control over multiple WordPress sites. Using a single dashboard, you won’t have to log in to individual sites, which can save you time and effort.

With InfiniteWP, you can update WordPress core, themes, and plugins across your entire Multisite network with just one click. You can also manage users, publish posts, check for broken links, and even run coding scripts across your entire network, streamlining administrative tasks. 

Key features

  • One-click admin access
  • One-click updates for plugins, themes, and WordPress core
  • Backup and restore functionality
  • Create a staging site
  • Malware scans
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Client reporting


InfiniteWP plans start at $147 per year.

Why we chose InfiniteWP

InfiniteWP can be a better option than setting up a multisite. It centralizes different WordPress sites into a single dashboard, where you can do bulk updates, backups, malware scans, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best WordPress multisite plugins?

In our opinion, these are the best WordPress multisite plugins:

Alternatives: WP Multi Network, Multisite Toolbar Additions, and Multisite Enhancements are other popular multisite plugins. We removed them from this list because they haven’t been tested with the last 3 WordPress updates.

How do I optimize my WordPress multisite?

You can optimize your WordPress multisite by implementing caching, using a Content Delivery Network (CDN), and minimizing plugins and themes to only your active tools. Additionally, we’d recommend performing regular updates and backing your network up consistently. 

How do I clone my main site in WordPress multisite?

You can clone your main site in WordPress multisite by installing Duplicator Pro, a powerful cloning plugin. In the WordPress dashboard for your network, create a package and select only your main site in the archive’s Multisite settings:

Multisite main site backup

Then, continue fully creating the backup. You’ll see it listed on the Packages page:

Download Multisite clone

Lastly, download the cloned copy of the main site in your network. 

What is the use of a multisite plugin in WordPress?

A multisite plugin is a tool that was specifically designed to enhance and extend the functionality of a WordPress multisite network. They are similar to regular WordPress plugins, except they have multisite capability. Depending on the plugin, these can help you maintain multiple websites within the network, manage users, clone sites, improve SEO, and more. 

How do I get all my WordPress sites on multisite?

To get all your different WordPress sites on one multisite, first set up a multisite network. Then, install Duplicator on both your original sites and the multisite. Create a package of an old site, download it, and use the Import tool to upload all the site’s data into the network as a sub-site. 


By now, you’ve likely found a few plugins to optimize your WordPress multisite network!

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Joella Dunn Content Writer
Joella is a writer with years of experience in WordPress. At Duplicator, she specializes in site maintenance — from basic backups to large-scale migrations. Her ultimate goal is to make sure your WordPress website is safe and ready for growth.

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