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All in One WP Migration vs Duplicator

All-in-One WP Migration vs Duplicator: Which Migration Plugin Is Best? 

Written By: author image Joella Dunn
author image Joella Dunn
Joella is a writer with years of experience in WordPress. At Duplicator, she specializes in site maintenance — from basic backups to large-scale migrations. Her ultimate goal is to make sure your WordPress website is safe and ready for growth.
     Reviewed By: John Turner
reviewer image John Turner
John Turner is the President of Duplicator. He has over 20+ years of business and development experience and his plugins have been downloaded over 25 million times.

Do you need to compare All-in-One WP Migration vs Duplicator?

When it comes time to migrate your website, you won’t want to do it manually. Using a WordPress migration plugin like Duplicator or All-in-One WP Migration, you’ll quickly move your content without any downtime or data loss. However, you might not know which one to choose.

In this article, we’ll compare two of the most popular WordPress migration plugins: Duplicator and All-in-One WP Migration! 

Table of Contents

Quick Summary: All-in-One WP Migration vs Duplicator

Ease of use
All-in-One WP Migration was built to be easy to use. Duplicator may have a learning curve for beginners, but it offers more advanced backup and migration features.
Backup and restore options
Duplicator and All-in-One WP Migration can back up your site. However, Duplicator makes it easy to customize the backup. It can also restore a backup without needing you to log into your WordPress dashboard.
With All-in-One WP Migration, you can create a backup and import it into the second site. Duplicator can do this too, but it doesn’t even need WordPress to be installed. Plus, Duplicator offers large site support, while All-in-One WP Migration has a 300MB file upload limit.
Both Duplicator and All-in-One WP Migration have free versions. Duplicator Pro has extra features like cloud storage and starts at $49.50/yr. All-in-One WP Migration has individual premium extensions that each cost a minimum of $69/yr.

What Is a WordPress Migration Plugin?

A WordPress migration plugin is a tool that transfers a WordPress site to a different location. This safely moves your files and database to a new web host, server, or domain name.

Usually, migration plugins will package all of your WordPress files and database information into a moveable zip file. After this package is moved, the plugin updates your URLs and performs any necessary search and replace functions.

A migration plugin can help you avoid manually migrating your entire website. These tools allow even beginners to move their content quickly and easily. Since it doesn’t require a File Manager or FTP/SFTP client, you can handle migrations straight from your WordPress dashboard. 

6 Features to Look For In a WordPress Migration Plugin

Once you decide to move your website, you’ll need a migration plugin that can handle the task. Otherwise, you’ll risk downtime and even data loss. 

Let’s go over some basic features you should look out for in a WordPress migration plugin!

1. Ease of Use

If you’re a beginner, you’ll want a migration plugin that isn’t too complicated. Rather than dealing with site files or MySQL database exports, find a tool with drag-and-drop migration features.  

2. Direct Server Transfers

To quickly move your content, it can be helpful to have a migration plugin with direct server transfers. This allows you to package your live site and quickly move it to a new server. 

3. Manual and Automatic Backups

Some migration tools are also WordPress backup plugins. To migrate your site, you’ll first make a copy of your files and database. This copy can be saved as a backup. With the right plugin, you can also create backup schedules to regularly secure your website. 

4. Cloud Storage Locations

If you have a limited WordPress hosting account, you might not want to save your backups on your server. In this case, you’ll need to send backups to off-site cloud services with more storage space. The best WordPress migration plugins support a variety of options like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3.

5. Backup Restore Options

Whenever your site experiences an error, you’ll need to restore a recent backup. To get your site back online, you won’t want to deal with a complicated restoration process. Look for a migration plugin with quick recovery features. 

6. Support for Large Sites and WordPress Multisite Networks

Most migration plugins are built for standard WordPress blogs or other medium-sized sites. If you have a larger website like a WooCommerce store or a Multisite network, you’ll want to install a plugin that is capable of compiling and migrating large package files.

All-in-One WP Migration vs Duplicator: Compared

Once you know what to look for, you can start comparing WordPress migration plugins to find the right one for your website. To help you, let’s dive into some of the most popular options: All-in-One WP Migration and Duplicator

FeatureAll-in-One WP MigrationDuplicator
Full website migrations
Backup options
Cloud storage
Easy backup recovery
Multisite support
Large site support
Empty site support
Off-site backup recovery
Free version
No file import limitationsRequires premium extension
Affordable premium plans

Features: All-in-One WP Migration vs Duplicator

All-in-One WP Migration and Duplicator are both feature-packed plugins that allow you to migrate your website. In the first part of our review, we’ll give you an overview of each migration plugin. 


First up, Duplicator is a WordPress migration and backup plugin with over 30 million downloads. This tool allows you to migrate, clone, and back up your website.

Duplicator plugin

Here are some of Duplicator’s best features:

  • Drag-and-drop site migrations
  • Cloud storage and API options
  • Direct server transfers
  • Supports migrations and backups for large sites and Multisites
  • One-click restores
  • Disaster recovery points to roll back your site after errors
  • Compatibility with many hosting companies
  • Customizable pre-configured sites
  • Custom search & replace

All-in-One WP Migration

All-in-One WP Migration is another popular choice for performing WordPress migrations. It was designed to help beginners easily package and move their websites.

All-in-One WP Migration plugin

Here are some features you’ll get in All-in-One WP Migration:

  • One-click transfers
  • Cloud storage
  • No limitations on hosting providers or operating systems
  • Auto-replaces website URL
  • 50+ language translations
  • Premium extensions to support Multisite, third-party cloud services, and more

Ease of Use: All-in-One WP Migration vs Duplicator

Before you install a migration plugin, you’ll want to know that it’ll make it easy to migrate your content to a new location. Let’s take a look at the ease of use for All-in-One WP Migration and Duplicator. 

Duplicator Ease of Use

With Duplicator, you can create a package that contains your WordPress files, plugins, themes, media files, and database. Then, this zip file can be saved as a backup or moved to another location.

You won’t have to edit files with cPanel or export your database in phpMyAdmin. This makes Duplicator one of the most user-friendly migration plugins.

To start migrating your site, go to Duplicator Pro » Packages » Create New.

Create Duplicator package

At the top of the page, name the package. Next, you can choose a storage location.

New Duplicator package

The Archive contains a copy of your files and database. By default, all of your WordPress files and database tables will be included. This will be a full backup of your entire site. 

However, you can select specific site components to customize your backup. If you only need to migrate certain content, this can be a helpful step.

Duplicator custom package components

Duplicator also has an installer file. This will redeploy the archive file when you move it to another server. To continue migrating your site, hit Next.

After this, the Duplicator plugin will scan your website. You’ll see all Good notices if there aren’t any issues.

Duplicator package scan

To finish creating your package, click on Build. Once Duplicator compiles your package, you can migrate it to another location. To do this, find Download » Archive (zip).

Download archive zip file

Then, open the WordPress dashboard for your second site. Here, install and activate Duplicator Pro. Now you’ll need to navigate to Duplicator Pro » Import.

Import website archive

After you import your archive, Duplicator will walk you through the installation process. The step-by-step wizard allows you to easily replace the new WordPress installation with your old site.

Install type

To save time, you don’t even need to have WordPress installed! Once you create a package, download both the archive and installer files. Then, upload them to an empty root directory on the new server.

Upload cloned site files

Now, paste this link into a new browser: https://your-domain/installer.php

This launches the Duplicator installer wizard without having to create a new website first!

This empty site support feature can be extremely helpful for developers or designers who have to quickly get new sites up and running. With Duplicator, simply create a pre-configured package and deploy new sites as often as you need to.

All-in-One WP Migration Ease of Use

Similar to Duplicator, All-in-One WP Migration can export your current website as a zip file. You’ll be able to move this file to another location without any coding knowledge.

First, make sure the All-in-One WP Migration plugin is installed and activated. Then, go to Export and choose File under the Advanced Options:

All-in-One WP Migration export

After your website is compiled into a file, it will be ready for download:

Download export file

Next, install WordPress on a second site and activate All-in-One WP Migration. Using this new dashboard, find the Import page:

All-in-One WP Migration import

Here, you can upload your downloaded file. The plugin will then ask you to confirm that you want to overwrite the current site:

Overwrite current site

Once the import finishes, you’ll see a success message:

Successful website import

As you can see, both Duplicator and All-in-One WP Migration have a user-friendly interface. Although All-in-One WP Migration might be easier for beginners to learn, Duplicator offers many more customization options.  

Backup Solutions: All-in-One WP Migration vs Duplicator

The best migration plugins also work as a daily backup tool. Let’s compare All-in-One WP Migration and Duplicator in terms of their available backup solutions. This way, you can install a plugin that fully secures your site. 

Duplicator Backup Solutions

Using Duplicator, you can easily create a backup of your site. This is a saved copy of your WordPress database and files just in case anything happens to your live website.

Although it defaults to local storage, Duplicator also easily integrates with all of these external cloud storage locations:

If you connect one of these services, your package will automatically be uploaded off-site as a cloud backup.

Backups are only useful if you can restore them. Fortunately, Duplicator makes it easy to restore any backup and instantly roll back your site after WordPress errors or hacks.

First, go to the Packages page. Find the backup you want to restore and click on the Restore button:

Duplicator restore button

In the pop-up, accept the terms and notices. Then, hit Restore Backup:

Duplicator one-click restore

Duplicator will then restore your site to an error-free state. Using one-click restores, you can test out new changes without worrying about creating unfixable errors.

You can even restore remote backups! Duplicator will download them to your local server and immediately start restoring your data.

Download Amazon S3 backup

And that’s not the only way you can restore a backup.

Before an issue happens, consider setting a backup as the disaster recovery point. This will give you a backup to roll back to even if you’re locked out of your dashboard.

Duplicator disaster recovery

Once you enable disaster recovery, you can either copy the recovery link or download the recovery launcher. Either one will open the recovery wizard when you need it.

Disaster recovery

You can simply follow the steps shown in the recovery wizard. After this, your backup will be fully restored!

All-in-One WP Migration Backup Solutions

With All-in-One WP Migration, you can create a backup by visiting the Backups tab. Here, click on Create Backup:

All-in-One WP Migration backup

Just like when you migrated your website, you’ll see an option to download a copy of your site files and database. Once you save this to your computer, the backup will be readily available even if your website goes offline:

Download All-in-One WP Migration backup

After creating a backup, it will be listed on the Backups page. To restore it, click on the three-dot icon and hit Restore:

Restore All-in-One WP Migration backup

Alternatively, you can import the backup. This process will have the same steps as a migration, except it’ll be on the same site. 

When you export your site during the migration process, All-in-One WP Migration will automatically save a copy as a backup. If you’d like your backup stored off-site, there are premium add-ons for cloud storage locations like Google Drive and Dropbox. 

Pricing: All-in-One WP Migration vs Duplicator

By now, you’ll know all of the main differences between All-in-One WP Migration and Duplicator. However, you may be wondering about pricing. Since this is an essential factor in your decision, let’s compare the value of the two plugins. 

Duplicator Pricing

Duplicator offers a completely free version of the plugin. This comes with basic features to migrate, clone, and back up WordPress websites:

Duplicator Lite

If you want to use the drag-and-drop migration feature or cloud storage, you can upgrade to Duplicator Pro. This premium version starts at $49.50 per year:

Duplicator pricing

Even with the Basic license, you’ll be able to perform unlimited backups and migrations. You can also schedule backups, set recovery points, and integrate a cloud storage service. 

Not sure whether to choose between Duplicator Lite and Pro? Read our full comparison guide!

All-in-One WP Migration Pricing

All-in-One WP Migration is also a free plugin. This basic version comes with backup and migration features designed for complete beginners:

All-in-One WP Migration free version

All-in-One WP Migration also offers a range of premium extensions to upgrade the plugin. For example, you can purchase an extension for increasing the WordPress upload limit, adding a cloud storage location, and migrating Multisite networks:

All-in-One WP Migration pricing

These extensions start at $69 per year. If you know exactly which features you need, this pricing model may work for you. However, it can often be easier and more cost-effective to find a premium migration plugin with bundled features. 

All-in-One WP Migration vs Duplicator: Pros and Cons

To make things simpler, let’s round up the advantages and disadvantages of each plugin!



  • Tools to migrate, clone, and back up a WordPress site
  • Drag-and-drop migrations
  • Step-by-step migration wizard
  • Scheduled backups
  • Remote storage to local server, third-party cloud services, FTP, and SFTP
  • Recovery points to restore your website without the WordPress dashboard
  • Email notifications for any time-outs, failed backups, or other issues
  • Easily handles Multisite networks and large sites
  • Custom search and replace
  • Easily handles large sites (Confirmed backup of 400GB!)


  • The free plugin requires you to upload site archive and installer files to cPanel or an FTP client
  • More steps in the migration process

Ultimately, Duplicator Pro is the best tool for a variety of skill levels. Beginners can migrate their sites using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Plus, developers can customize archive files to create pre-configured websites. This makes Duplicator much more than a migration plugin.

You should choose Duplicator Pro if you’re looking for a flexible and feature-packed plugin for website migrations, cloning, and backups. Although there can be a bit of a learning curve, Duplicator is an effective tool for migrating any type of website.

All-in-One WP Migration


  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • No limits on hosting or operating system
  • Quickly bundles your files, plugins, themes, and database into a single file
  • Translation-ready for over 50 languages
  • Automatically replaces site URLs during the import process
  • Compatible with mobile devices


  • Although the plugin is free, you’ll likely need to purchase many premium extensions to get necessary migration features and cloud storage.
  • The file import size is limited to 300MB
  • WordPress has to be installed on the destination server
  • Expensive compared with other migration plugins

All-in-One WP Migration can be a good option if you’re completely new to website migration. This plugin makes it very simple to download your current website and import it to another WordPress installation.

You might favor All-in-One WP Migration because it’s free. However, many important features are limited to expensive premium extensions. For example, the basic plugin won’t be able to import sites larger than 300MB.

All-in-One WP Migration vs Duplicator: Which Should You Choose?

After comparing the features of Duplicator and All-in-One WP Migration, you may still be wondering which is the best WordPress plugin.

We’d recommend Duplicator Pro because of its comprehensive features. It supports unlimited backups and migrations for WordPress websites. Unlike All-in-One WP Migration, Duplicator Pro can migrate large sites and Multisite networks without any extensions.

As a beginner, you may want to install All-in-One WP Migration because of its simple interface. However, Duplicator Pro also makes migrations easy. With the pro version, you can drag and drop your current site into another WordPress dashboard to import it. 

Plus, Duplicator Pro can be a helpful tool for developers. You can use it to clone a client’s website to a localhost staging site. After you safely make changes, you can migrate it back to the live server. Duplicator performs migrations without any downtime, which can reduce the impact on your client’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best migration plugin for WordPress?

The best migration plugin for WordPress is Duplicator Pro. This premium plugin comes with drag-and-drop migrations, which makes it effective for beginners. Plus, you can schedule backups, save them to the cloud, and set recovery points to easily roll back your website. 

Alternatives: UpdraftPlus, BlogVault, Jetpack (VaultPress), WPvivid, and BackupBuddy are similar WordPress migration plugins that also come with backup solutions. If you’re looking for a website migration tool, WP Migrate DB and Migrate Guru are popular options. 

What is the easiest way to migrate a WordPress site?

The easiest way to migrate a WordPress site is by using Duplicator Pro’s drag-and-drop migration feature. After you create a package with your site’s content, drop this zip file into the import box on another site. This will automatically transfer your files and database to a new domain, server, or host. 

What size can I import using All-in-One WP Migration?

You can import a site up to 300MB using All-in-One WP Migration. To increase this file size limit, you can purchase a premium extension. However, it may be more beneficial to install a migration plugin like Duplicator Pro that can handle large site migrations. 

How can I increase my All-in-One Migration limit?

You can increase the All-in-One WP Migration file upload limit with a premium extension. This removes upload limits for $69 per year. As a more cost-effective alternative, Duplicator Pro is a WordPress migration plugin with zero upload limits. It can migrate your large website for only $49.50 yearly.

What is the best alternative to All-in-One WP Migration?

The best alternative to All-in-One WP Migration is Duplicator Pro. This tool bundles your website into an archive package. Then, you can simply drag and drop this archive into a second site. Plus, it comes with backup solutions and cloud storage integrations without needing to purchase extra extensions. 

What is the best duplicator for WordPress?

Duplicator Pro is the best duplicator plugin for WordPress. It allows you to quickly create copies of your site, which you can use for backups, cloning, or migrations. Plus, it supports off-site cloud backup storage, drag-and-drop migrations, and automatic backup schedules.


That’s it! We hope that this comparison guide helped you find the best migration plugin for your needs.

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